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Danny’s Bark-It List: a bucket list by a muttville hospice dog

May 1, 2013

i’m danny, a senior dog in hospice care with  muttville senior dog rescue foster family, russell and marie. they helped me put together my Bark-It List and they also help me fulfill my wishes too! check back often for updates and pictures to see my wishes coming true. when my fospice family told me I […]

beast of the bay awards 2013: small club wins runner-up in both ‘dog walking’ and ‘dog sitting’ thanks to your votes…

March 1, 2013

    congratulations to all the fantastic winners of bay woof’s annual “beast of the bay awards!” small club is thrilled to be a runner-up in both the dog walking and dog sitting categories. thank you to all our fans who took the time to vote for us! small club is awesome. but why? it […]

this thursday june 27! small club hosts monthly lecture series: Traditional Chinese Medicine for Dogs Part 2

February 7, 2013

                              Does your dog itch and scratch constantly? Or have recurring tummy concerns? Join us for this month’s Dog Health Workshop! the next lecture is: THURSDAY JUNE 27Th, 7-830pm at MUTTVILLE HEADQUARTERS, 255 alabama street at 16th street, san francisco, ca. […]

heal me: watch small club’s “canine swim therapy” video, starring our muttville foster sassafras

January 30, 2013

sassafras learns to swim! as part of her recovery from FHO hip surgery, our foster dog from muttville senior dog rescue  goes to warm water swim therapy sessions at the rex center, which generously donates time in their rehabilitation pool to the old dogs at muttville! we can’t wait for you to see the video […]

heal me: our muttville foster dog sassafras recovers from hip surgery, part 1

January 13, 2013

cool videos of sassafras‘ hip surgery rehab on the beach! a combination of assisted walking exercises, swimming, and physical therapy will help  sassasfras recover strength and range of motion in her back left leg. ultimately, she will be able to comfortably walk on all four legs. go sassafras! at healthy pets vet hospital, dr ilana […]

pico: member of the month only lasts one month?

April 20, 2012

our dear young pico did not realize that his reign as “member of the month” would last only one month.  he has loved the perks – riding shotgun in the car, getting first licks at the water bowl, and running at the front of the pack. his sisters loved everything in his extraordinary gift basket- […]

feed me: a home cooked meal for a rainy winter day

January 20, 2012

                                              it’s cold and rainy. you feel like eating something warming. so does your dog. here’s how to make an easy home cooked meal! for a special meal on a rainy day, don’t […]

smalls about town: ‘mister rufus’ attends Healthy Pets Veterinary Hospital 1st Anniversary Party

September 26, 2011

small club senior member ‘Mister Rufus’ went to the Healthy Pets Veterinary Hospital open house and 1st anniversary celebration.  there he met up with some muttville volunteers to toast the success of Healthy Pets.  Rufus also hoped to ask Dr. Adam Piaseczny to take a quick look at his chronically itchy skin. lucky dog! he […]

feed me: “small club stew,” a homemade dog food recipe from small club

September 11, 2011

small club stew! yum. our recipe for homemade food for dogs was inspired by Dr. Adam Piaseczny of Healthy Pets Veterinary Hospital. we encourage you to make some yourself – your dog will agree that there’s nothing like a home-cooked meal!  follow dr. adam’s basic recipe – then customize it with your dog’s favorite ingredients […]