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small club dog daycare services









small club’s dog daycare services:

  • are limited to 4 clients per day
  • provide a cage-free alternative to “kennel” style boarding with beds of all sizes (and crates for those who love crates)
  • are supervised by experienced foster dog caregivers for Muttville Senior Dog Rescue who are certified in Pet CPR and Pet First Aid
  • include a daily walk with a small club or senior small club adventure group
  • offer administration of prescription medication, supplements and herbs of all kinds.
  • provide care for diabetic dogs, including glucose testing and insulin injections
  • can also provide customized ‘special needs’ care. please call us to discuss.



small club’s dog daycare services are great for:

  • dogs of all breeds who weigh (or should weigh!) 25 lbs or less
  • dogs whose owners are away from home for over 5 hours in a day
  • dog owners who work in our potrero hill neighborhood and are looking for a nearby daycare
  • dogs who’d love to practice their social skills
  • dogs who like to be with other small dogs – whether playing, napping or just lounging around
  • old dogs, young dogs, and even middle-aged dogs



no cages, no crates (except for dogs who love their crates!). mental and physical exercise are key to a happy and healthy dog-life. this alone is reason to join small club. in addition, your small dog will be a better housemate for you after getting exercise and socializing with his or her peers. it is now common knowledge that issues with barking, anxiety, unruly behavior or just the blues can be improved with sufficient exercise and socialization.  a happy dog means a happy human.


what…are your rates?

additional services offered a la carte:

  • $10/trip – pick up or drop off
  • $2/day –  administer medication
  • $10/day – diabetes management
  • $2-$10 – breakfast or dinner (small club’s homemade stew), depending on your dog’s portion size
  • $10/hour – evening care (6pm-9pm)
  • $30 each – doggy bath at pawtrero bath & feed co.
  • $30 each – scheduled appointments, i.e. vet, grooming, acupuncture, massage, etc.
  • customized care – call to discuss rates



monday through friday from 8am to 6pm.  hours may be exended at $10 per additional hour.



your dog will relax and play in our bright live/work loft located in the potrero hill neighborhood of san francisco, just two doors down from pawtrero bath house and feed co. we have a 5’ x 12’ enclosed dog park for relaxing in the sun and “private time” as needed! includes a small club group walk.


how….do I join?

if your dog would like to join small club, please fill out
our online application.

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