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small club dog walking services









small club’s dog walking services are:

  • limited to 6 dogs per group
  • led by professional dogwalkers who are certified in Pet CPR & Pet First Aid and graduates of Pawsitive Tails: School For Dog Walkers.
  • grouped by age, activity level, or personality:
    • seniors and slowpokes – explore the great outdoors at a slower pace.  dogs of any age with joint issues
, recovering from surgery, or mellow spirits.
    • walk & sniff – dogs who walk and stop and sniff. everything.
    • young explorer’s club -  active dogs who want to go go go! wrestling and romping permitted.


small club’s dog walking services are great for:

  • dogs of all breeds who weigh (or should weigh!) 25 lbs or less
  • clients who live within san francisco
  • dogs who’d love to practice their social skills
  • slow walkers and dogs who can’t slow down, curious dogs, shy dogs, dogs who chase squirrels, dogs who sniff every tree, wrestlers, and fetchers
  • dogs who love other small dogs
  • old dogs, young dogs, and even middle-aged dogs


small club walks provide a unique low pressure situation where your dog can enjoy the company of other dogs his/her own size and get exercise –  physical, social and mental.  being a member of a small club walking group allows your dog to be him/herself. small dogs are real dogs – they need to walk and run, hunt and chase, sniff around and bask in the sun. they need the mental stimulation of outdoor adventures as much as the shepherd next door.

mental and physical exercise are key to a happy and healthy dog-life. this alone is reason to join small club. in addition, your small dog will be a better housemate for you after getting exercise and socializing with his or her peers.  issues with barking, anxiety, unruly behavior or just the blues can be improved with sufficient exercise and socialization. a happy dog means a happy human.

what…are your rates?

$33 per dog per walk.
discounts can apply to:  dogs who walk with small club full-time (4-5 days/week), multiple dog households, low-income owners, dogs who refer neighbor dogs to join their group, and other special situations. just ask!


small club’s dog walks are monday through friday between 9am and 6pm. (includes pick up and drop off)

all groups spend one hour walking on trails and playing in fields, exploring their world. senior groups also spend time sniffing, resting, and soaking up sunbeams. the total time your dog is out of the house depends on where his/her fellow group members are picked up and the group’s adventure spot.


our walking locations are secluded areas of local parks free from the stresses of large dogs and vehicle traffic. we choose areas that are good for walking off-leash or learning to be off-leash. we don’t like to publicize our favorite spots or else they won’t remain secluded much longer (…but we’ll share our secrets with club members!)

how….do I join?

if your dog would like to join small club, please fill out our online application.

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