heal me: watch small club’s “canine swim therapy” video, starring our muttville foster sassafras

January 30th, 20137:48 pm @


sassafras: border collie attitudesassafras learns to swim!

as part of her recovery from FHO hip surgery, our foster dog from muttville senior dog rescue  goes to warm water swim therapy sessions at the rex center, which generously donates time in their rehabilitation pool to the old dogs at muttville! we can’t wait for you to see the video of this land-loving herding dog getting wet…


“Canine Swim Therapy” starring Muttville’s Rescue Sassafras

…more info about the benefits of canine hydrotherapy for dog nerds!


sassafras has additional components of her holistic recovery:

she does range of motion exercises here at small club headquarters. while she reclines on the couch,  i gently extend her leg forward and flex it backward. at first, she could do this for only 30 seconds before the pain was too great. now she is up to 3 minutes of stretching at a time!

nutrition therapy is important too -  sassafras eats super fresh homemade food, vitamins and supplements for overall health and musculo-skeletal support, and a chinese herb formula prescribed from healthy pets veterinary hospital.

and watch the videos of sassafras doing rehab exercises on land, too!


sassafras gives thanks to:

you can read Sassafras’ adoption profile here