cubby: an exclusive interview by calvin

January 25th, 20132:18 pm @


cubby: the gentleman


at age 12, cubby is a spry guy. he is known for getting so engrossed in the smells of nature that he forgets all about his pack.  cubby’s stiff old hind legs don’t hold him back one bit – and he fully intends to wander off in search of great smells for years to come!

Calvin: cubby, you are an old man. yet when people see you they think you are a puppy. what is the secret to your youthful look?

Cubby: the key to looking young is a happy smile. And it doesn’t hurt to be small, spritely , and exercise daily.


senior small club: cubby

my favorite place to hike in golden gate park!

Calvin: how do you keep up with the pack even though you can’t hear, cubby?

Cubby: being deaf is no big deal! the dogwalker taught me to use my eyes to check in with him often. since i can’t hear, his signal for me to come is a wave. wave = treat, calvin. it’s that simple.





senior small club: cubby

mugging with teddy for my old senior dog rescue, Muttville!


Calvin: how did you come to be a senior small club daily adventurer?

Cubby: i was rescued by muttville senior dog rescue in 2012. then i lived at muttville headquarters with my beloved sherri and old dog friends like teddy.  i was a guest of honor at muttville’s annual “moolah for mutts” fundraiser where i met my new family – what luck! i was adopted by wonderful parents who provide me with everything i could ever want (i love them so much).  i am so thankful for muttville and my awesome dads for giving me a new beginning!


Calvin: alright, cubby. let’s get to the good part of this interview. fill in the blanks:

  • small club best friend: i like edith. she is my kind of pomeranian!
  • small club frenemy: stella – she never says “hi” to me when i get picked up for our adventures
  • best seat in the car: i call shotgun.
  • favorite treat: dried bison liver – it breaks into tiny pieces that are just right for my small, minimally toothed mouth!
  • favorite small club hike: the loop around that lake in golden gate park. when are we going back there?
  • what you like best about yourself: my smile
  • what you would change about yourself if you could: i’d make my knees bend again
  • biggest pet peeve: being interrupted while i’m trying to mark a tree
  • naughtiest trick: refusing to move forward until i see a treat in your hand
  • most likely to: upstage Boo as most famous pomeranian in the world!


senior small club: cubby, edith and stella

cubby and edith say “happiness is a day at the park, right stella?”

senior small club: cubby

yes, you can teach recall to a deaf dog! we use hand signals to communicate with cubby.

senior small club: cubby

there’s always time to rest under a bench on a senior small club adventure

senior small club: cubby

i’m an outdoorsman!