calvin: how to cope with scary stuff – in other words, i hate 4th of july

July 4th, 20125:06 pm @


my name is calvin and i’m a scaredy cat. every year i am forced into living a horror film…This “4th of july” person scares my pants off!
my humans tell me I’m over-reacting. that mr. 4th of July can’t get me. but I don’t believe them.
when the smell of grilling meat subsides, the sun goes down and the terror begins.

So, how do i cope? Maybe my experience can help you survive the horror, too.
My humans start my day with my scaredy-cat protocol:
1. A healthy breakfast of meat and vegetables with no preservatives
2. Valerian Root to reduce my anxiety: 250 mg hidden in a wad of cream cheese
3. L-Theanine, an amino acid that helps me make good thoughts in my brain: more cream cheese with a cheese chaser
4. Rescue Remedy, or some of my own special flower essence blend (don’t laugh, it helps!): 4 drops in my water bowl.

That’s a mellow start to my day, right?

5. A long walk to use up energy I could use to worry later

later, i get more cream cheese with a Valerian Root capsule and Rescue Remedy/flower essence right into my mouth.

as the hour of the attack (called fireworks) approaches,
6. put on my Thundershirt to give me a constant hug
7. get a drop of flower essence on my forehead
8. have a little massage

when it finally happens, I am still scared.
So far, mr. 4th of July hasn’t killed me or anyone I love.
9. Recover
10. Start worrying about next year!